Jhaya Warmington


Primary focus: 3-Dimensional Art
Primary medium: Homegoods
View Online: https://saltclaysoap.com/
Artist Contact Info: saltclaysoap@gmail.com


Location: 31 Bolinas Road Suite A

Artist Statement

Salt + Clay cold process soaps are 100% earth-friendly and hand-poured in Marin County, California.

We set the bar high for honest products and use only the safest food-grade ingredients from sustainable sources. That means no palm oil or mined micas, and no exploitative or destructive farming practices. We care deeply about what our families wash with and what goes down the drain—ultimately flowing into rivers and the ocean, where we play and surf. Getting our soap right means understanding the whole ecological cycle.

But there’s more. We love to create soap that feels great on your skin, gets you clean, and elevates your bathroom, your kitchen—perhaps even your mood! We approach our soap making like art, using our knowledge of sculpture, permaculture, and aromatherapy to help guide us. The result is a beautiful bar of soap with a natural, clean smell.

We are Salt + Clay.