Jeffrey Beauchamp


Primary focus: 2-Dimensional Art
Primary medium: Acrylic
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Eleven Real Estate
Location: 44 Bolinas Rd.

Artist Statement

Flying brushstrokes of color inhabit Jeffrey Beauchamp’s paintings, the exuberant marks giving way to recognizable bits of landscape. Beauchamp is a trickster with prodigious skills and a wry sense of humor. He could, should he choose to, paint like a Renaissance painter or Vermeer spiced with bits of Gerhardt Richter and Odd Nerdrum. Instead, he lures you into a more magical space where color rains down like confetti and he sets you down wherever he chooses.
Born in Montclair, New Jersey, Beauchamp’s talents extend themselves to music and writing. He is a voracious reader and student of art history, and his large collection of art books is often open in his studio. An artistic time traveler, his teachers are masters from both contemporary and historic epochs. Beauchamp received his BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. He has enjoyed a long exhibition history beginning with his frequent exhibitions at Susan Cummins Gallery in Mill Valley in the early 90s.