Annie Bates-Winship


Primary focus: 2-Dimensional Art
Primary medium: Photography
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Instagram: @anniebateswin
Facebook: @Annie-Bates-Winship-Fine-Art-Photography


Group Show
Location: 31 Bolinas Rd

Artist Statement

I tend to shoot photos intuitively, much like a keeping a visual journal. Photography is my way of connecting to the world around me, and my way of communicating what I feel. With that, I strive to illuminate the simple beauty that is all around us. I like to think of it as gathering evidence to share with others. I hope that people come away with new insight, another way to see the familiar. I was once told that when looking at my photographs, it was like looking into another world, like a peephole into a secret garden, and that certain images invite you in, giving a haven from hectic times.