Annalisa Chasan


Primary focus: 2-Dimensional Art
Primary medium: Ceramic
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Location: 31 Bolinas Road Suite A

Artist Statement

Annalisa Chasan is a ceramic sculptor and mixed-media drawing artist. She worked in public and independent schools teaching art for 15 years. At present, she works in her studio, teaches mind/body movement, and is raising two teenagers.  She was born in Cape Town, South Africa but Fairfax is home now.

On any day a walk in the forest or along the beach reveals myriad forms, colors, and patterns… in particular, I’m drawn to seeds/plants, bones, and stones. All are vessels for embedded information time-compressed, mystery, and potential. I look to the aliveness inside and around objects, and the potential and vastness in negative space.  Making art is a type of inner contemplation and a way to communicate the one-ness of all beings and things, and manifest this connection through forms and images.